The world’s first Pillow Fort Construction Kit.

Whether you call it a ‘pillow fort’, ‘blanket fort’ or even a ‘cubby’, there’s something universal about using bedroom and living room furniture to build forts. It’s an experience that people young and old can relate to.

Inspired by this cultural phenomenon, Western Australian entrepreneur Ross Currie decided to take another look at the way we build our pillow forts, to see if there’s a way that  and see if there was a way to enhance the experience.

Magnets Make It Better

Squishy Forts is a specially designed construction set that uses magnets to enhance the structural integrity of your creations. Each set is comprised of a number of column and square pieces which combine in an unlimited number of configurations.  And, if you want to make your forts even bigger, you can even integrate the set with your existing furniture.

Fashionable, Functional Furniture

One of the coolest things about Squishy Forts is that when you’re not building with it, it packs away into a designer ottoman case which blends in perfectly with your lounge. Perfect for parents who are sick of toy clutter, and perfect for grown-ups that want an interesting talking piece for their living room.