How do I buy Squishy Forts?

Currently, the only way to order a Squishy Forts set is through our pre-order page. Order yours today and you’ll be one of the first in the world to enjoy building with your very own Squishy Forts!

When will I receive my Squishy Forts set?

After solving some manufacturing challenges, we’re back on track and are currently taking orders for the next manufacturing run of Squishy Forts. We hope to begin shipping Squishy Forts again very soon.

What colors does Squishy Forts come in?

Crimson Red, Royal Blue, Forest Green, Bubblegum Pink, Silver, Chocolate Brown and Jet Black.

Does Squishy Forts ship to…?

Yes! We ship internationally. Our headquarters are based in Perth, Western Australia, but our manufacturing and fulfillment facilities are based in the United States. From there, we ship all over the globe with UPS. We are currently investigating cheaper shipping and